Wrought Iron Sofa Set-NEO-712

Wrought Iron Sofa Set-NEO-712

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The classic design and comfortable sofa set is the visually favorite product in common living spaces of houses and enterprises.


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The sofa set, which carries classical appearance to contemporary spaces, makes it easier to create the decoration as imagined. Different parts can be ordered in desired quantities according to the layout plan. This design consists of triple sofa, double sofa, single seat, daybed, corner part and coffee table. One piece, for example single seat, provides a very stylishappearance in the door entrance, hotel room, bedroom, in front of a window, etc.. It does not get deformed or affected by the use of crowded groups of people in enterprises such as restaurants and it is long-lived. Cushion and body color can be selected. Fiber-filled pillows are used at the back and high-density sponge is used on the seat. It can be cleaned easily thanks to its zipper. Cushions can be requested as plain or quilted. In order to increase the durability in the exterior, protective coating is applied before the static paint. Please contact for the wholesale prices of wrought iron sofa set which is a visual and functional product for patio, terrace and garden areas.