Wrought Iron Indoor Outdoor Chair – NEO-361

Wrought Iron Indoor Outdoor Chair – NEO-361

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It provides a decorative, modern and dynamic use in the enterprises such as hotel, food court, fast food restaurant, steak house and coffee shop.


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The open back metal chair is designed to be durable against the intensive use in the dining areas of hotels, shopping malls and companies. It is preferred by food court, fast food restaurant, steak house and coffee shop businesses as metal furniture is frequently preferred in indoor spaces. It is produced with wrought iron material. After the cataphoresis coating, static paint is applied on the product. If used in the garden area it will not be affected by rainfall and it does not require careful use. It can also be easily used in a seaside restaurant, it does not deform because of sea salt. Paint can be done in matte or shiny colors. Also for users who want a rough surface, texture painting can be applied. Metal Chair is designed as stackable. The production, painting, quality control and packaging processes of the chair is carried out extremely sensitive and delivered flawlessly. Please contact for details and wholesale prices.