Wrought Iron Cafe Chair – NEO-214

Wrought Iron Cafe Chair – NEO-214

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The decorative, simple, modern metal chair has color alternatives, is a robust and economical product. It is a favorite in metal furniture category.


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The best part of metal furniture is its combination with different materials and furniture produced in different styles. Metal furniture, which has become a trend with the transformation of areas such as an old factory, depot and warehouse into a living space, today has an important place in the decoration of houses and businesses. With its clear, simple, modern and dynamic appearance, it can be combined with a metal table, or as it is often preferred with a solid wood table. If used outdoors, those who prefer wood can use a metal leg table produced with iroko or teak materials. In addition, for outdoors, wooden patterned compact table is among the favorites. The paint types that can be applied on Wrought Iron Metal Chair can be: distressed, texture, and shiny. Please contact for more information about the metal chair preferred in steak house, fast food restaurant, coffee shop and cafeteria.