Wire Metal Chair For Cafeteria-DCS-125

Wire Metal Chair For Cafeteria-DCS-125

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It is a design among metal furniture, that can be used with different styles . Color can be selected. It has a robust body structure.


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Modern, metal, innovative furniture and decorative products, which is a trend in recent years, is one of the important factors determining the quality of decoration. Wire Metal Chair is a modern design that will adapt to its place. It can be used together with different styles in dining areas. For example, it provides a harmonious and stylish appearance next to a solid wood table, hpl table, marble table, corian table or epoxy wood table. The metal chair can be painted to desired color and different coatings such as chrome, copper, gold can be applied. The cushion details can also be specified by the user if they are to be ordered with cushions. Leather, fabric, color, pattern alternatives are available. This design is also available with armrests. Robustness, which is very important for enterprises, is the outstanding feature of this product. It can be used in the decoration of cafeteria, restaurant and food courts. It can be used indoors and in outdoor areas such as garden and patio. It is maintenance-free, easy to clean and hygienic. Another important feature is that it is stackable. It provides convenience for transport and storage. Because it is light, it is practical to use. Product sizes are; w.49cm d.52cm h.87cm and it weights 5.3 kg. Please contact us for wholesale prices of the Wire Metal Chair.