Weatherproof Aluminium Table Leg – MSRT-1104

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It is one of the most preferred table leg models. It is the choice of architects of cafe, hotel, restaurant, food court, fast food restaurants and coffee shops. It is produced by aluminum injection method. It can be painted in different colors according to preference. It does not corrode or deform due to weather conditions. Its service life is quite long. It has glides for uneven grounds. It is compatible with all table tops. It can be used with square or round tables. Different sizes and weights are available according to the table top. The weight options for base diameter Ø42cm table leg are 5,7kg, 8kg and 11,5kg. For larger and heavier table tops, table legs with a base diameter of Ø48cm has weight options of 6,4kg, 8,5kg and 12kg. The height of all the table legs is 71cm. Please contact for detailed information and the wholesale prices.