Vintage Cafe Metal Chair – NEO-370

Vintage Cafe Metal Chair – NEO-370

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Metal chair preferred in indoor and garden dining areas is a solid, comfortable and economical product.


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Nowadays, enterprises providing food services need to offer a comfortable time hosting their customers in the comfort of a home. It is possible to create many alternative ways of decoration with the metal chair model with round detailed back design. The back part of this product can be designed in different ways according to demand. Company logo can be processed, the shape and pattern of the cushion can be determined, vintage style can be achieved with distressed application or urban style can be achieved with texture painting style. If it will be painted with vivid colors it can be combined with a tumbled table. If gray-black tones is to be chosen for the metal chair, a vivid color can be used as a combination such as a red sofa in the space. For a more modern dining area, a table produced with metal, compact and glass material can be preferred. Metal Chairs are often preferred in different restaurants. Its durability, its economic price, its ability to be repainted when decoration changes at a later date makes metal chairs the favorite product in both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Please contact for wholesale prices and to request detailed information.