Square Metal Dining Table-NEO-278

Square Metal Dining Table-NEO-278

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It is the choice of enterprises, such as cafe, restaurant, coffee shop projects, that want to offer their guests a comfortable and enjoyable time.


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It is practical, durable and also aesthetic. It has a long service life while creating a stylish dining area for guests. It will not get deformed due to the use of crowded groups of people especially in cafe, coffee shop, restaurant and shopping malls. Optionally, different materials can be used in the production of the square metal dining table. This model can be produced with aluminum material for outdoor use. It is static painted and the user can make color selection. Selected colors can be applied as matte, shiny and texture on the product. Logo and pictures can be requested for the table top. This model can be ordered in the range of 60cm-90cm as square and round, including interval measures. All the visible and invisible surfaces of the metal dining table are smooth and flawless. Please contact to request a quote.