Square Design Metal Dining Table-NEO-270

Square Design Metal Dining Table-NEO-270

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Metal table creates a stylish look with its different leg model. It has a wide color range to suit chairs and other furniture.


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Unlike the standard look of the four-legged tables, it appeals to people with high expectations. The leg curve adds a unique look to the table. Design metal table adapts to different styles in homes and enterprises. It can be combined with the models in the metal chair collection. It is produced as 90x90cm square metal table as standard and it can be produced in different sizes. It can also be produced as rectangle. It has a comfortable use for meals. You can choose from rich color options. Logo or image can be applied on the table. The edges and corners of the table top are slightly rounded. This ensures a safe use. It is important that it can be used for many years without requiring maintenance and it contributes to the budget. It is easy to clean and hygienic after the meal. Apart from metal, materials such as compact, wood and corian can also be used as a table top. The comfort, appearance and durability of each material is different according to the place of use. Please contact for price quotation and detailed information.