Shopping Mall Metal Chair – NEO-335

Shopping Mall Metal Chair – NEO-335

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Upholstered metal chair provides comfortable use with ergonomic structure. Both the body and the upholstery have color options.


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Metal furniture, especially metal chairs, is the trend of recent years with its functionality as well as its appearance as a decorative object. It is possible to create a stylish space with metal chairs that reflect the spirit of contemporary life. Products produced by order allow color selection according to preference. In addition, cushion or solid wood can be placed on the seat of the metal chair. Apart from dining areas such as dining hall, food court, fast food, canteen, it can also be used where this design is suitable as with a meeting table, in a hotel room, balcony etc. In addition to modern spaces, the design metal chair can also be combined with solid wood, distressed, marble tables resulting with aesthetically pleasing outcomes. If desired, the chair can also be produced as distressed. Chrome, copper, gold coatings can be preferred. A comfortable dining group can be created and a memorable environment can be provided for guests to enjoy their time. Please contact for more information and price offer.