Round Wood And Metal Table-NEO-277

Round Wood And Metal Table-NEO-277

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Table legs can be ordered with chrome plate and can be painted in any color. Different table tops can be selected for indoor and outdoor use.


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The wooden tabletop combined with legs shaped like a butterfly is designed for elegant dining areas. The table top can also be produced as square or rectangular. It can be ordered between 60cm-120cm in square and round shapes. The table leg can be requested separately in desired amount. It can be used in indoor or outdoor dining areas according to how it is produced. For outdoor use such as garden and patio: iroko, marble, corian, hpl laminate table top options are available. In addition to these materials, solid wood, mdf-lam, massive coating, membrane can be used for an indoor table. The table leg color can be selected from the color chart. It can be produced as chrome plate. Metal table is preferred for home decoration and due to its robust structure it is also preferred in cafe, restaurant, shopping mall and food courts. Please contact for wholesale prices.