Rectangular Metal Dining Table-NEO-283

Rectangular Metal Dining Table-NEO-283

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The user determines every detail for this metal table, which adapts to the decoration and creates a stylish space.


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It is designed as the combination of metal legs and laminate table top. The table legs are angled towards the floor and are positioned so as not to interfere with chairs. Apart from the use as a dining table, it can also be used as a meeting table or desk. In addition to laminate table tops, table tops produced with different materials can also be applied. The table leg can be ordered separately in any size. It can be painted with the color selected from the ral chart. It is also available as chrome, brass, chrome and gold plate. The ability to choose the details makes it easier to match the product with the decoration. If the rectangular is to be used outdoors the table leg can be produced from stainless steel or aluminum material. Similarly, iroko, teak, marble, corian can be preferred as a table top in terms of resistance to weather conditions. Please contact for detailed information and for a price offer.