Padded Wrought Iron Chair – NEO-223

Padded Wrought Iron Chair – NEO-223

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Design iron chair is ergonomic and with color alternatives. Make a difference in dining areas with its different design.


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Inspired by the classic skirted sofa, the model continues all the way to the ground. It stands out with its different design among the metal chair models. It has a very stylish stance from every angle. Another feature of the design is that a handbag can be hung under the seat thanks to its closed leg structure. It is an important feature for a safer mealtime. Padded wrought iron chair contributes to joyous meal hours with its armrests, body wrapping structure and design providing ergonomics. It can be used in hotel rooms, balconies, as well as in areas such as crowded dining areas and restaurant, steak house projects. Design iron chair has a wide range of color options suitable for matte, shiny and texture applications. Leather or fabric can be selected for the upholstery. Please contact for the wholesale prices of the iron chair, which is produced by using professional techniques with high quality materials.