Padded Metal Bar Stool NEO-261

Padded Metal Bar Stool NEO-261

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The product with color alternatives for the upholstery and metal parts has an aesthetic appearance appealing to the eye and affordable prices appealing to the budget.


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It is designed as mesh with parallel metal bars. Thanks to its round form far from sharp corners, it adapts to many decorations. Padded metal bar stool is comfortable due to its large seating space. The legs are fixed wide on the floor and thus it is balanced and safe. It has rich color alternatives both for the metal and upholstery. It is ideal for use with a kitchen island, in a cafeteria, coffee shop, canteen or pub. Company logo can be applied to the upholstery according to demand. Flame retardant features can be added to leather or fabric. It is maintenance-free and easy to clean. If it is preferred for outdoor areas such as garden, terrace, patio, cataphoresis coating can be applied before static paint to prevent corrosion. Please contact for the wholesale prices of the metal bar stool.