Outdoor Metal Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-222-1

Outdoor Metal Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-222-1

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It is ideal for garden decorations of houses or for enterprises where thousands of people come to. Metal stool has a robust body structure and comfortable usage.


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Metal bar stool is not affected by weather conditions and can be used outdoors in summer and winter thanks to its all weather feature. Metal bar stool providing a stylish and comfortable use for guests, is also budget-friendly for hosts thanks to its long service life. It is produced with advanced production techniques using wrought iron material. Cataphoresis coating is applied before static paint. This process increases the resistance of the metal to corrosion. The color to be applied on the product can be selected from the ral chart. These colors can be applied shiny or matte depending on the furniture to be used with and the style of the space. It can be painted as texture for a rough surface. In any case, the desired display is obtained. Cushion can also be ordered with the metal bar chair. The shape and color of the cushion can be determined according to request. It can be used in the gardens of houses and enterprises with mind at peace and it is ideal for interior decorations. Metal bar stool which exceedingly meets the robustness expectations of enterprises is advantageous for decorations of pub, hotel, cafe, food court, mess hall, holiday village and night clubs where intensive human traffic is experienced. Please contact for the wholesale prices of metal bar stool.