Modern Coffee Shop Metal Chair – NEO-319

Modern Coffee Shop Metal Chair – NEO-319

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Metal chair, designed for those looking for simplicity aside from exaggerated models in decoration, is made of parallel wrought iron material on the seating and back parts. When looking at the crowded dining areas where this model chair is used, it is far from chaos and provides an appearance featuring the tables and other furniture. If requested, it can be used with cushion on the seat part only or also on the back and seat parts together. The back curve provides comfort to the user. It is recommended for indoor use or with an awning system on top. The product, produced with high quality materials and professional techniques, is the result of a careful work carried out from designing phase to shipment. Enterprises hosting thousands of people a day, such as coffee shop, shopping mall, restaurant, food court and hotels prefer metal chair, which will stay intact for long years. It is maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, hygienic product and can also be used in offices, schools and conference halls in addition to dining areas. Rich color options are available. It can also be ordered with chrome coating.