Metal Wooden Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-433

Metal Wooden Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-433

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The nostalgic looking bar stool is also produced as a dining chair. It is comfortable to use and has a solid structure.


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Nowadays, metal furniture preferences are at the very peak. Especially the unity of wood and metal is the common like of people with different tastes. Bar stool, designed without dismissing the expectation of comfort, has a curved form that provides ergonomics in the seat and back. The effect of retro style can be seen in the leg structure. This design, which is also produced as a dining chair, is the favorite of architects and business owners. The metal body also allows different color options. Vivid colors or terra tones can be selected according to the decoration. Also the wood color can be determined according to demand. The product can be used with or without cushions. It is produced with a standard height of 75 cm. It can be produced at different heights according to preference. Nostalgic looking metal wooden bar stool will add value to decoration. Please contact for more information.