Metal Wire Garden Chair – NEO-220

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Stylish dining areas can be created with the metal chair, which has a decorative appearance, elegant curves, ergonomic design that provides comfort. Due to its armrests, it provides a pleasant use. It can be combined with metal, massive wood, compact, marble tables as desired. Metal wire chair is preferred in hotel, cafeteria, shopping mall, food court, restaurant decorations thanks to its robust and long-lasting structure. It can be used as a garden chair and is not affected by temperature differences, rain and snow. Prior to static powder, cataphoresis coating process is applied. This delays the corrosion time of the metal chair. All colors in the Ral chart can be applied. These colors can be matte, shiny or textured. Other types of paint and coating can be applied for high quantities. Its stackability makes it easy to transport, store and clean. Please ask for the wholesale prices and other details.