Metal Upholstered Stool – DCS-108T

Metal Upholstered Stool – DCS-108T

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The practical, lightweight, handy stool is a quick solution for enterprises, hotel rooms, balconies. It is possible to select the color. It has a long life.


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Although it is not very pleasant to sit on the stool for a long time, it is ideal for short coffee breaks. If there is not enough space in the enterprise or in the balcony, you can save space with the upholstered stool. It is preferred because it is practical, lightweight and convenient. The curve in the seat provides a comfortable seating. The metal legs are designed as angled from top to bottom. Thus, a more aesthetic appearance has been obtained. The seat of the metal stool can be optionally covered with leather or fabric. The metal legs can be painted with the color selected from the ral chart. The paint can optionally be applied as matte or shiny. The product size is w.45cm d.45cm h.48cm and weights 5,6 kg. Please contact for further information.