Metal Patio Sofa Set-NEO-713

Metal Patio Sofa Set-NEO-713

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With its design, comfort and durability, Metal Sofa Set appeals to those with high expectations. You can prepare a different environment for your guests.


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Metal sofa set offers a plain design and almost bed comfort for those who want to stop at the pace of modern city life. It is ideal for long chat times for family members and guests. In addition to outdoor spaces such as patio and garden, it can also be preferred for interior decoration. The pieces of the metal sofa set can be ordered separately in desired quantities. The metal body of the products can be painted with the color selected from the ral chart. This color can be applied matte or shiny. Patterned and plain fabrics can be selected for cushions. Cushions can be sewn as plain or quilted as desired. The product can be used both in home and business decoration. It can be preferred by enterprises that want to offer home comfort to their guests. It is the right choice for coffee shop, cafe, lobby, waiting room, hotel, social facilities and companies. Please contact us to request a price quote for the metal sofa set.