Medallion Round Metal Chair – NEO-366

Medallion Round Metal Chair – NEO-366

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Restaurant, cafeteria, hotel dining area, garden, balcony, terrace.. Stylish metal chair with comfortable seating is everywhere..


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Places such as restaurant, cafeteria and hotel dining areas are not just places to eat. They are areas of ​​socialization and places to share pleasant moments with family and friends. For this reason, the secret of the success of these enterprises is that they can provide home comfort. Medallion Round Metal Chair provides a pleasant environment with its aesthetic appearance and seat comfort. The metal chair can easily be combined with furniture produced in different styles. Colors can be chosen according to different styles, so that harmony can be created with the entire decoration. It can be repainted when change is desired in decoration. Since the product is resistant to outer weather conditions, it can be used almost everywhere. Maintenance and care is not required in garden, balcony and terrace areas. It is stackable. Metal chair, which goes through quality control against production defects, is shipped as perfect. It is produced allowing a long-term use in dining areas with intensive human traffic.