Indoor Outdoor Restaurant Metal Chair -NEO-239

Indoor Outdoor Restaurant Metal Chair -NEO-239

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Please contact to order an extremely stylish, comfortable and long-lasting metal chair at an affordable price. It is stackable and color selection can be made.


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Nowadays, metal furniture among modern furniture is frequently used in decoration. The metal chair with its geometric shaped back structure and dynamic appearance is the right choice due to its comfortable seating and long service life. Metal chair with armrests meets the expectation of guests for a pleasant chat in long-term seating. The open back design ensures that the decorative table is visible and the chair is light. Although it is visually plain and light in weight, it is strong enough to carry a car. Front and rear legs are produced as double pipe. In this way, a different design is achieved and a long-lasting structure is ensured. As a Contract Metal Chair, it is preferred by enterprises such as hotel dining area, restaurant, shopping mall and fast food restaurants. Color can be selected from the Ral chart suitable with the colors of the project. It can be applied as matte or shiny according to demand.



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