Indoor Garden Metal Chair -NEO-325

Indoor Garden Metal Chair -NEO-325

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The aesthetic, solid metal chair with comfortable seating, is ideal for cafeteria, restaurant and hotels. Please contact for economical prices.


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The comfortable metal chair with aesthetic look is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has comfortable seating thanks to its back curve and ergonomics suitable for human body. Cataphoresis coating is applied in order to provide resistance to extreme weather conditions. Thanks to this process, the chair can stay in garden, patio, sea side, pool side areas without any problems. It can be painted with all colors in Ral chart. These colors can be applied as matte, texture and shiny according to decoration and preference. No maintenance is required and it can be repainted after a long time if desired. Iroko wood piece can be applied on the arms. Use with cushion is recommended for an extra comfortable seating. Color and patterns can be chosen from polyester and acrylic fabrics for crowded dining areas such as cafeteria, restaurant and hotels. It has a stackable structure. It provides convenience in transportation and storage. Please contact for detailed information and economical prices.