Hotel Restaurant Metal Chair -NEO-357

Hotel Restaurant Metal Chair -NEO-357

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It can be used in indoor or outdoor dining areas. It is preferred because it is aesthetic, comfortable and durable.


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Experience reveals that round-shaped chairs are more comfortable. Designed for this purpose, the metal chair provides pleasant and comfortable use. In order to increase the comfort of sitting, there is a slight curve at the back of the chair wrapping the body when leaning back. In addition to the armrests, extra comfort is provided with a cushion to be placed on the seat. The result is a product with both aesthetic appearance and comfort. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor dining areas for pleasant moments with family and friends. It is not affected by rain and snow in outdoor areas such as garden, balcony and deck. Color can be selected to make it easier to harmonize with the space. Also, the product, produced with fine craftsmanship details, has a smooth surface and robustness that will not deform for many years. In addition to its use at home, it is also an aesthetic, elegant and economical product for enterprises that host many people like hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. It can be used for many years without any need for maintenance and without wasting extra money. Please contact for the wholesale prices and for detailed information about the metal chair.