Hotel Coffee Shop Restaurant Woven Armchair -GRD-VG

Hotel Coffee Shop Restaurant Woven Armchair -GRD-VG

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Woven Armchair, the preference of architects, has a comfortable seating and an eye-catching look. Thanks to its durability, it can be used for many years.


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Woven Armchair with stylish and comfortable seating, is the right choice for enterprises where people go to spend a pleasant time. Its lightness provides ease of use both for guests and enterprises. In addition, it is extremely durable and will not be deformed due to the use of thousands of people in places such as coffee shop, restaurant, food court and hotel. It does not require any maintenance. Thanks to its color options, furniture becomes compatible with one another in decoration. In addition, plain and patterned fabrics are available for the production of cushions. As an alternative to cushion, it can also be produced with fixed upholstery. The Aluminum Woven Armchair can be decorated with different styles. Eye-catching combinations can be made with almost all the tables such as; marble, compact, solid wood, epoxy wood. Please contact for the wholesale prices and detailed information about the Woven Armchair.