Food Court Round Metal Chair -NEO-209

Food Court Round Metal Chair -NEO-209

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Color selection can be made for the metal chair. It is suitable for outdoor use. It is frequently preferred for food court, restaurant and cafeterias.


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Furniture with rounded forms facilitates harmony with other products. It provides a pleasant overall view in crowded dining areas especially when looking from the outside. It has the aesthetic appearance to complement the decoration of those who do not like the exaggerated models. The dimensions of the metal chair are determined by considering ergonomics to ensure comfortable seating and a pleasant mealtime. Since it is preferred, the seat part of the chair is often designed as mesh. The air and light transmittance both provide comfort and visual advantage. Metal chair can be used in indoor and outdoor dining areas. It is preferred in food court, cafeteria, coffee shop and restaurant decoration. It can be ordered in desired color. The seat can be made with cushion or solid wood. Metal furniture has become a favorite since wooden furniture requires maintenance and it is costly for busy and crowded enterprises. Metal furniture, with almost an eternal service life, can be re-painted after many years to get its first day appearance. These processes are low-cost for businesses. Please contact for a quote.