Food Court Metal Dining Chair -NEO-321

Food Court Metal Dining Chair -NEO-321

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It is the right choice with its comfortable seating, aesthetic and long-lasting structure. Please request information about the custom production metal chair.


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Metal chair can be used in places that is unrelated with each other by changing the paint color, paint type, coating type. The product, which can be used as a food court chair can also provide a country style with distressed application as a kitchen chair with an old fashion table. Custom produced metal chair can be painted as matte or shiny among wide color options to choose from. If cushion is requested, the shape of the cushion can be determined and the colors and patterns can be selected from different types of fabrics. The most advantageous feature of metal chairs is its long service life. It keeps its strength for many years whether it’s one person that uses or a thousand in a day. The stackability of the chair makes it easy to clean the dining area and to store the product. It is designed considering the expectations of ergonomics on the seat height, depth and back structure and is very comfortable. Please contact for the wholesale prices and other details about the metal chair.