Fast Food Wire Metal Dining Chair -NEO-213

Fast Food Wire Metal Dining Chair -NEO-213

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It is the right choice for indoor and outdoor places, in places with intensive human traffic such as hotel, cafe, food court thanks to its robustness and comfort.


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Metal Dining Chair is designed aiming comfort and aesthetics. In addition to its elegance, it offers practical use and robust structure as a surplus value. Metal Chair, which can be used for many years without deformation, can be repainted any time. It is resistant to the use of crowded groups of people especially in places such as fast food restaurant, hotel, cafe, mess hall, dining hall. Before the static powder, cataphoresis coating is applied on the Metal Dining Chair. With this application, the duration of stainless steel is extended. Having color options to suit the style and decoration of the business is an important advantage. It can be produced in matte or bright colors. A cushion can also be ordered along with the metal dining chair. Leather, polyester, acrylic, olefin coating types can be selected from indoor or outdoor color series. The contract group is the right choice among metal chair models.