Design Metal Sofa Set -NEO-706

Design Metal Sofa Set -NEO-706

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Modern design metal sofa set provides comfortable and stylish use for your guests both indoors and outdoors. It has color alternatives.


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Metal sofa set is a cubic design with same arm and back heights and stands out with its plain appearance. The corners were rounded to give a cosier appearance. It is designed as single seat, double sofa, triple sofa and coffee table. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The user can select both the body and cushion colors. Since the cushions are zippered, they provide an advantage in cleaning. It can be washed according to the specified instructions depending on the fabric type. The body does not require periodic maintenance. The usage area of the design metal sofa set is quite a lot providing a pleasant time for both the host and the guests. Each piece can be ordered in desired quantity. It can be used in hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, garden, patio, deck, terrace, and poolside areas, in social facilities, in the resting areas of companies, in lobby and hotel room. Please contact for the wholesale prices of the metal sofa set.