Contract Cafe Metal Chair-NEO-237

Contract Cafe Metal Chair-NEO-237

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It is the right choice for those looking for a comfortable seating, long-lasting use and a stylish appearance in crowded dining areas.


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It is preferred due to its plain design and back ergonomics among the contract metal chair models. The dining table stands out more thanks to the open back design of the chair. Although it is considered as a garden chair, the use of metal furniture in interior decoration is the trend of today. The metal chair provides a very elegant look with a massive table, marble table or distressed table. Apart from the dining areas, it can also be used single as a hotel room chair or a chatting chair in front of the window. The metal chair, produced with wrought iron material and solid body structure, can also be used in high numbers in food court, shopping mall, cafeteria, hotel dining hall, fast food restaurant decorations. Both an aesthetic appearance and a long-lasting use can be achieved. Contract Metal Chair has color options to match with other furniture. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.