Commercial Metal Table Leg – AS-MA620

Commercial Metal Table Leg – AS-MA620

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Commercial Metal Table Leg – AS-MA620 The metal table leg, which meets the expectations of commercial enterprises, has a decorative appearance. The color can be chosen to match the table top and decoration. If desired, different coatings such as chrome, gold, copper can be applied. It provides a stylish appearance with massive, hpl laminate, werzalit, solid wood panel, aluminum and printed table tops . It is resistant to intensive use in crowded enterprises such as hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, shopping mall, mess hall and canteen. Thanks to its light structure, the place of the tables can easily be changed if necessary. The commercial metal table leg is ideal for square and round table tops in the range of 60cm-80cm. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The size of the table leg is Ø50 cm and the height is 70cm with 5 kg weight. The box size is 57cmx57cmx20cm. Please contact for the wholesale prices.


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