Commercial Metal Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-263

Commercial Metal Bar Stool Bar Chair NEO-263

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It is a comfortable, stylish and sturdy bar chair where you can welcome your guests both indoors and outdoors. Please contact to place an order with economical prices.


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The design, which has been adopted by many individual and corporate users as a dining chair, also continues its favorite status as a metal bar chair. Perforated metal sheet is used on the seat. Designed aiming comfort and ergonomics, it has the dimensions meeting the needs of the body. The seat height can be determined according to the bar table to be used with. Cushion can be ordered along with the metal bar chair. It is enough to place a cushion just on the seat. The life of metal furniture is long lasting for many years when the appropriate materials, production technique and way of usage are provided. For this reason, metal bar stool is preferred in commercial enterprises. It is an extremely accurate choice in enterprises such as pub, restaurant, fast food, hotel and cafe. It is suitable for outdoor use such as in garden, seaside, poolside and patio as it is not affected by weather conditions. The other advantage is that it is stackable. For this reason, the venue can be organized and assembled in a short period of time during organization, wedding and meetings. There are many color alternatives for the metal bar stool. Please contact for price quotation and detailed information.