Cafeteria Metal Chair-NEO-217

Cafeteria Metal Chair-NEO-217

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It provides an aesthetic appearance and comfortable usage both indoors and outdoors. Please contact us to create an order with economic prices.


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Metal chair has an aesthetic appearance and a structure compatible with body ergonomics. It can be used with different styles and color selection can be made to suit the decoration. It is the ideal choice for enterprises that want to welcome more guests or for small dining areas. If corporate integrity is desired, logo, image or text can be applied to the back of the metal chair. The seat of the chair is designed as mesh sheet metal. It can be preferred in indoor or outdoor dining areas. It is resistant to intensive use and weather conditions in outdoor cafeteria, hotel, food court, restaurant and coffee shop projects. It provides a stylish look in daylight in garden, balcony, terrace and deck areas. In addition to the use as a garden chair, it can be used indoors, for example near a massive wood meeting table, hotel or hospital room or in a shopping mall. Metal furniture has an infinite lifetime as long as it does not experience corrosion. To prevent corrosion of the metal chair, cataphoresis coating is applied before painting. Please contact or more information about the product, cushion and price.