Cafe Restaurant Aluminum Table Leg – MSRT-2106

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The aluminum table leg, which will be part of a stylish decoration, has both aesthetic appearance and ease of use. It is not affected by water and temperature differences. It can be preferred for outdoor dining areas. In the case of uneven grounds, the table has glides to stand in balance. Colors in the ral chart can be selected to accommodate the furniture to be used together. The table leg can safely be used in intensive enterprises with food and beverage service such as cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping mall, food court, steak houses. The table leg consists of three parts and can be disassembled. It is easy to clean and it not suitable for the formation of bacteria. The table leg is produced in different base diameters and different weights according to the preferred table top. The base diameter Ø42cm table has weight options of 6,25kg, 8,7kg and 12,5 kg. For larger and heavier table tops, the weight options of the table leg with base diameter Ø48cm is 7kg, 9,30kg and 13kg. The height of the table leg is 71cm. Please contact for detailed information and price offer.