Avila Stainless Steel Table Leg – MSRT-1116

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Avila Stainless Steel Table Leg – MSRT-1116 the modern looking avila stainless steel table leg consists of three pieces. The base is made of 304 quality stainless steel and the body is made of polished aluminum pipe. The cast iron under the table leg provides weight. It can be disassembled. It has glides for balance on the ground surface. It can be used outdoors without problems for many years. It is preferred for cafe, food court, fast food, restaurant and hotel businesses. It is suitable for square and round table tops. The same model with a double table leg is also available for rectangular table tops. It is suitable for all types of table tops. Please contact for the wholesale prices. The weight of the stainless steel table leg is 9.1kg with dimensions of 65cmx65cmx71cm(h).