Aluminum Table Leg For Rectangular Table – MSRT-1126

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Rustic style metal table leg is one of the preferred models thanks to its stylish appearance. It is suitable for rectangular and oval table tops with a maximum length of 140cm. This table leg model also has a version suitable for square and round table tops. (Product Code: MSRT: 1101) It is dispatched in a closed box. It is produced by aluminum injection method and its surface is smooth. Color can be selected by the user. thanks to its all weather feature, it can be used in outdoor dining areas such as garden, terrace and patio. It does not corrode. It is generally used in cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, fast food restaurant, shopping mall and food court decorations. There are glides under the table leg. The weight of the table leg is 14 kg with dimensions of 55cmx90cmx71cm(h). Please contact for the wholesale prices of the table leg.

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