Aluminum Table Leg For Rectangular Table – AS-MA120

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It is a lightweight and sturdy table leg for rectangular table tops. It is in high demand by enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, food court, fast food restaurant and canteen. Aluminum table leg does not interfere with the movement of the chairs around the table and is very comfortable to use. It is produced in black with static paint as standard. Different color selections can be made for high quantity orders. There are glides beneath the table leg so that it can be balanced even on rough floors. It is dispatched in a box. This provides a great advantage in terms of transportation. It is not affected by water and does not rust when used as a garden table. The dimensions of the aluminum table leg is 60cmx90cmx70cm(h) and weights 6.5 kg. Please contact to order the table leg which is in the contract furniture group with economical prices.


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