Aluminum Pedestal Table Base – AS-MA500

Aluminum Pedestal Table Base – AS-MA500

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Aluminum Pedestal Table Base – AS-MA500 is the right choice for enterprises that want to offer their guests a stylish dining environment. Pedestal table leg is conical in the lower part and as a pillar in the middle. Aluminum Pedestal Table Base – AS-MA500 is not affected by weather conditions in the garden and patio and it does not corrode. It is used for square and round table tops between 60cm and 80cm. Please ask for information about heavy table tops such as marble. The table leg produced with aluminum injection method has a clean surface. It can be produced in desired color and painted with static color. It is shipped as disassembled in a box and it is easy to install the 3 parts being mounted to each other. It is advantageous for crowded commercial enterprises because it is long-lasting, economical, robust and light. Table base base diameter is Ø40cm with a height of 70cm. The weight is 5.5 kg.

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