Aluminum Outdoor Table Leg – MSRT-2135

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Knotty table leg can be preferred for round and square table tops. Two table legs can be used for rectangular table tops. Aluminum Outdoor Table Leg – MSRT-2135 is resistant to intensive use in enterprises. It has all weather feature. It is not affected by water outdoors. It does not require periodic maintenance and it is stainless. It is safe in dining areas because it is not suitable for bacteria formation. User can select the color. The table leg is made of aluminum and has a smooth surface. It is the right choice for enterprises with food and beverage service such as shopping mall, cafe, coffee shop, kitchen, hotel, mess hall, food court, and social facilities. It is compatible with all table tops. It has three different weight options: 7.5kg, 10kg and 14kg according to the user’s preference. The base of the table legs is Ø42cm and the height is 71cm.

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