Aluminum Outdoor Chair-SIZ-KRE

Aluminum Outdoor Chair-SIZ-KRE

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It is a robust, comfortable and stylish metal chair for coffee shop, shopping mall, restaurant and cafeterias. Color can be selected.


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The aluminum outdoor chair SIZ-KRE design offers a new point of view with a Hittite Sun theme. It contributes to the decorations that allow people to enjoy their time. The aluminum chair can be painted with a color selected from the ral chart. Color, pattern, fabric, leather for cushion can be chosen by the user. The aluminum chair can be disassembled and it is shipped in a closed box which is advantageous in terms of shipping. Installation is extremely easy. It is preferred by enterprises that want to offer their guests a stylish and comfortable time. The aluminum chair is the choice of architects for cafe, restaurant, shopping mall, fast food restaurant, coffee shop and hotel decorations. It is also lightweight and provides ease of use both for the guests and enterprises. Since metal chairs are now often being used in interior decoration, this chair can also be combined indoors such as with a solid wood table. When used as a garden chair, it is not affected by weather conditions and it is maintenance-free.

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