Aluminum Outdoor Armchair-AS-SA150

Aluminum Outdoor Armchair-AS-SA150

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The armchair that can be used without any problems in cafe, restaurant and hotels has a comfortable seating and stylish appearance. It can be painted in desired color.


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Aluminum Outdoor Armchair, it is a product that is experienced and appreciated by enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop and shopping malls. It has all the features that a chair should have. It provides comfortable seating with its ergonomic design. It is easy to use, transport and store due to its lightness and disassembling feature. The installation is practical. It is produced by aluminum injection method and has a smooth surface. It is not affected by weather conditions such as rain, sun and snow. It can stay safely in outdoor areas such as the seaside, poolside, garden and patio. All colors on the ral chart can be selected and painted with static paint. If requested it can also be ordered with cushions. Color and pattern selection for cushions can be selected by the user. The armchair, which is extremely strong, maintains its durability in crowded dining areas for many years.

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