Aluminum Bar Height Table Leg – AS-MA410

Aluminum Bar Height Table Leg – AS-MA410

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Thanks to its stylish appearance, the design contributes to the decoration and it is also advantageous in terms of use. It can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. Bar height table leg models are more weighty. It is therefore suitable for table tops in the range of 60cm-80cm. It consists of three parts which can be disassembled and it is easy to transport. It can be used in pubs, cafeteria, night club, hotel, wedding halls and at times of event and organizations. Apart from black, color can be selected from the ral chart. It is produced with aluminum injection method. The dimensions of the bar table leg is 80cmx80cmx110cm(h) and it weights 12 kg. The box size is 80cmx50cmx110cm(h). Please contact for further information and for a quotation.


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