All Weather Mesh Metal Patio Chair-NEO-222

All Weather Mesh Metal Patio Chair-NEO-222

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Metal chair, the choice of enterprises with its plain design, all weather feature and robustness, offers dozens of color options. Please contact for the wholesale prices of Urban Design Metal Chair.


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Designed with simple and plain style, the product is at the forefront of metal work. It has been designed with the aim of modernizing the details of breeze of future. It’s the right choice for those who don’t want to miss any detail. Metal Chair, which comes from the hands of talented craftsmen, makes a difference in decoration with dozens of color options. It is resistant to the weather in garden, patio areas. It is not affected by hot or cold weather. In addition to outdoor use, a different decoration can be created in the interior. It can be combined with tables made of different materials such as solid wood, epoxy and glass. It is resistant to intensive use in restaurant, hotel dining hall, food court and coffee shops. Seating and back parts are produced with mesh looking sheet.