Neo Furniture Marketing Industry and Trade Limited Company

Neo Furniture Marketing Industry and Trade Limited Company

Our Principles

We aim to offer our products with the right and competitive prices without compromising on quality while meeting expectations.

While improving the ergonomics, design and quality of the furniture, we strive to reduce the unit cost by means of production techniques.

Taking advantage of past experiences, we are trying to determine the needs of the present and future correctly.

We contribute with our knowledge to the decoration our customers would like to create.

We are increasing our experiences by following the worldwide works of our sector. We are following the needs of corporate and individual customers, and we are meeting expectations with “quality product motivation” as they change and differentiate over time.

Our Codes of Conduct

Working in accordance with the mutually signed contract is the first principle.

Prioritizing the importance of fulfilling commitments at the promised time and working in accordance with the concept of goodwill.

Believing in the importance of everyone working in different departments and giving importance to the continuity of their work as a whole.

Knowing the importance of effective communication within the company and with other companies.

Analyzing the products and work required by the customers and showing effort to respond as soon as possible.

Appreciating suggestions and seeing the development of design and production techniques as the basis of competition.

In line with long-term goals, having an understanding of production that gives value to nature and human.