Table Legs

Metal table legs are produced with varieties such as aluminum table legs, cast iron table legs, stainless table legs, static powder metal table legs and chrome plated table legs according to the characteristics of the environment and according to the needs. Color selection can be made from Ral chart for the static powder table legs. Different coatings such as brass, copper and gold plate can be applied on metal table legs. All models are produced as per order. For this reason, choices suitable with the project can be applied on the product. Please ask for detailed information at the proposal phase. Please check the foldable table legs for small enterprises or for short-term uses such as events. Foldable mechanisms provide ease of storage when required.

Most of the metal table leg models can also be produced as a bar table leg. In this way, integrity can be achieved in the same decoration. Bar table legs can be produced at different heights according to project, except for cast iron table legs.

The efficiency will increase by creating a combination considering both the appearance and functionality depending on the size, weight and material type of the table top. Table legs can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the material type. Aluminum and stainless table legs can be used outdoors without any problems. Metal table legs are more economical when compared to these two materials. According to preference, cataphoresis coating is applied prior to static powder for outdoor use. This will delay the rusting of the metal.

We are able to offer products with different designs and materials for enterprises such as dining area, cafeteria, restaurant, shopping mall, food court, steak house, coffee shop, canteen and fast food restaurants. Furthermore, table legs can be produced according to project such as for companies, schools and hospitals. Please contact for wholesale prices and detailed information about the table legs.