Metal Tables

You can go through iron sheet table, cast iron table, aluminum table and stainless steel table in the Metal Tables Collection. Besides the metal tables, tables designed with different materials are also included in the collection. Solid wood, glass, compact, werzalit, printed table top, teak & iroco table tops can be combined with metal table legs. Since the products are custom production specifically for the project, you can specify the measurements, models and other details.

The use of metal tables is very wide. It is frequently preferred by architects and business owners in crowded dining areas, hotels, restaurants, cafeteria, canteen, mess hall, food court and fast food restaurants. Being able to make a choice according to the style, color and size of the place where the product is to be used, the economical prices, long life structure, easy cleaning feature are the outstanding advantages.

The color can be selected from a color chart, which contains dozens of colors. For some products brass, copper, chrome and gold coating can be applied instead of paint. In order to increase the durability of the products, cataphoresis coating is applied before static powder. The suitability of metal tables for interior or exterior varies according to the model. Your sales representative will guide you in the most correct way.

Traces of a quality production can be seen in all the details of the metal tables. Products go through quality control to the finest detail before dispatch. Please contact for more information about the products that are suitable for your project.