Metal Sofa

Metal Lounge Sets are produced with different size and materials for indoor or outdoor decoration, according to the style of the enterprise and the seating layout of the project. You can choose the model that best suits your business from aluminum lounge sets, cast iron lounge sets, cast aluminum lounge sets, wrought iron lounge sets and metal woven lounge sets. These products are produced by order and can be ordered as a set or as a single piece. A set can be created with different amounts of double sofa, triple sofa, single armchair and daybed models.

In recent years metal furniture is preferred in the interior as an addition to its use in the patio, garden, terrace areas. It provides a pleasant use for crowded friend groups in hotel, cafeteria, restaurant, coffee shop and shopping malls. If it is to be used for both food and chat purposes, a dining table can be used instead of a coffee table. It is mostly preferred by enterprises, which provide home comfort to their guests. In addition, the fact that metal furniture does not require any maintenance is also an important reason of preference.

Metal Lounge Sets, maintains long-term durability in enterprises with intensive human traffic thanks to its quality materials and professional production techniques. Therefore, it is preferred. The color chosen from the color chart according to style can be applied on the product as matte, shiny and texture. For cushions, different colors and patterns can be chosen from polyester and acrylic fabrics. Acrylic fabrics are waterproof, water-repellent and with unfading color guarantee. Please contact for wholesale prices and detailed information about Metal Lounge Sets.