Metal Chairs

Metal chair models are offered with a wide collection made by the redesign of lines of different styles. Metal chairs, often preferred in the decoration of enterprises such as hotel, shopping mall, restaurant or cafes, stand out with its fine labour details and durable body structure, which allows maintain the robustness for years. To help comply with the space, it is custom produced with color options. The choice of leather or fabric in the upholstery offers additional mobility for users. While you enjoy hosting your guests with its comfortable ergonomic designs that appeal to the eye, you can also benefit the advantage of its durable structure. In our metal chair collection you can find aluminium chairs, stainless chairs, mesh metal chairs, metal wire chairs, stackable metal chairs, padded metal chairs, sheet metal chairs, foldable metal chairs, metal woven chairs and also x back metal chairs.

In addition, vintage, contemporary, industrial chairs, metal farm chairs, distressed metal chair models offer extremely stylish solutions to your projects.

You can easily find the metal chair models suitable to your space and buy quality with much less cost in our company, which also assures the durability of the products. In order to prolong the time of anti-corrosion of the metal chairs for outdoor use, cataphoresis paint is applied before the static paint. This application is a process that increases the corrosion resistance of metal furniture in outdoor weather conditions. This kind of painting used in many sectors.

Neohoreca, with the confidence of the experience gained in 14 years, continues to produce right solutions in its sector by integrating its knowledge and experience with advanced technology and harmonic team. Please contact for further details and prices about the metal chairs.